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The quality of faculty ensures the quality of the students, and improving the quality of the faculty team has been the core mission of NPU. The university has set up effective mechanism to select the best candidates to teach in NPU, and is making effort to offer the faculties who are willing to contribute to the higher education as well as aeronautics, astronautics and marine technology industries, a free and comfortable academic environment.

The university has been pushing forward the Talents Strategic by offering better academic environment, more capital inputting for faculty team construction and deepening personnel system, as well as innovative talents systems’ reforming. The construction of faculty team should base on the inside cultivation making the campus an incubator for them to make contributions to science as well as higher education. Meanwhile NPU also carried out talents introducing mechanism and has been making effort to the cultivation of high-level talents, namely the “Aoxiang Talents Project”(Including Discipline Leading Talents Project, Aoxiang Scholars Project, Aoxiang Team Project, Aoxiang Distinguished Teacher Project, Aoxiang Star Project, Talent Introducing Project etc.). After years of efforts the university has seen the positive result and has seen the remarkable improvement of faculties’ comprehension ability.

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